Five Beauty Hacks To Save Time & Money

1. Double Duty

Use mascara as liner, lipstick as blush, concealer as eye primer, and conditioner as shaving cream.  The options are endless!


2. Keep Essentials on Hand

Hairspray can keep your brows in line, fix a run in your tights, and even crush ink stains on clothing.

Baking soda can double as toothpaste, a quick facial scrub, and help remove splinters.

Baby oil can help remove eye makeup, calm shaving bumps, and soften skin.


3. Spend Money on Tools, Not Product

The right tool can save you tons of money by allowing you to use cheaper products.  The Beautyblender sponge makes foundation last longer and apply evenly.  A good eyeshadow brush will ensure ease of application and long-wearing color.  The right exfoliating tool uses less cleanser for a deep clean.


4. Think Outside the Box

Get creative by using everyday things to enhance your beauty routine, like creating a polka dot pattern on your nails using a bandaid.


5. Make Your Own Products

Dry shampoo, for instance, is easy and relatively cheap to make on your own using natural ingredients you likely have on hand or can find easily.  Try this recipe for an alternative to store-bought concoctions.


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