Homemade, All-Natural, Ultra-Moisturizing Lipstick: A Cheap, Quick, Last-Minute Christmas Gift

One of my family members can’t use store-bought lipstick for health reasons.  In an effort to find a suitable alternative, I came across a recipe that produces awesome lipstick in less than five minutes and for about $1 a pop here.  I tweaked the recipe to make it a bit softer and more moisturizing and these are the results.


The Ingredients


1. 1 to 1 1/2 Crayons, Red or Pink Shade (I know, weird!  But crayons are non-toxic wax that provide great pigmentation).  You can mix and match different sizes and colors to get a customized shade.

2. 1 heaping 1/2 tablespoon of Shea Butter

3. 1/2 teaspoon or so of Coconut Oil

4. 1 teaspoon Castor or Jojoba Oil

5. 10-15 drops of the Essential Oil of Your Choice (optional but highly recommended)

6. Tin/container for storing lipstick (mini Altoids tins work fantastically!), washed and ready to be filled

7. Something tiny to stir with (I used a disposable chopstick)

8. A small metal or heat-resistant bowl (I used a disposable tin-foil pan for ease)

9. A pan to in which to simmer water

The Recipe

1. Begin warming a pan about half an inch of water full.  Do not let it boil at all during this process.

2. Place everything except the essential oil into your small metal container.  Spread the ingredients out so they melt at about the same rate.


3. Once the water is simmering, put the container in the middle of the pan.  (The tinfoil container floats on top, slowing down the melting process and rendering a very smooth mixture.)  Make sure you constantly stir everything so that it is fully-blended (the crayons take the longest to melt).  I held the container with tongs and used my chopstick to stir and stir.


4. Once everything has melted, add your essential oils and blend carefully.  The ingredients should be one color and consistency.


5. Pour the mixture quickly into the waiting tin or container.  It will firm up very fast.  (Don’t worry, if something goes awry, you can always reheat and re-pour).


6.  Let cool for a few minutes, and wait to enjoy the final product!  (Hint: I use the remnant lipstick in the bottom of the melting container to test it out ~ I would suggest this too.)


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