Homemade Personal Care Gifts for Men

If you’re like I am, the men in your life are perhaps the hardest people to shop for.  My husband, fathers, brother, and other friends/relatives seem only to be interested in the latest (ridiculously expensive) gadgets.  Yet, don’t despair–this holiday season you can whip up heartfelt and useful (and frugal!) gifts for the opposite sex in a jiffy.


1. Cologne: Who doesn’t like to smell nice?  This recipe provides a simple way to craft a custom scent for your man that won’t break the bank.

2. Urban Survival Tin:  By stuffing an altoids tin with travel-size personal care necessities (like aspirin, breath freshener, mini/samples colone, individually-wrapped tush wipes, a pocket knife, tissues, etc), you can give peace of mind this holiday season (see a sample picture here).  The whole post is worth reading if you need non-personal care gift ideas.

3. Shaving Essentials: Homemade shaving soap and after shave treatments are fantastic, customizable gifts.  If you want to help him save time and money, complete his kit with a safety razor, bladesbrush, and shaving guide (which will cut his shaving bill by a hefty chunk–we’ve saved over $200 this year after my husband made the switch!).

4. Bay Rum Aftershave: I know, I know, I just mentioned aftershave.  But, this particular recipe has been lauded for both its efficacy and manly scent.  There’s really no aftershave (homemade or store-bought) that can compare quality-wise with this bad boy!

5. Muscle Salve:  Help sooth his aches and pains with a deliciously-scented and effective homemade salve.  If giving this concoction to your man, throw in a hand-written coupon for a massage and he will be on cloud nine.

6. Toner: Skincare is not just for women.  Help him achieve healthy skin by using this toner recipe.

7. Tooth Whitening Kit: I suggest putting each ingredient in a resealable container as well as including a cool toothbrush and mixing bowl to add the perfect touch to this economical idea.

8. Body Wash (err Manly Liquid Soap!): Give him a scentual, cleansing experience every time he steps into the shower with this masculine body wash recipe.

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