Beauty Emergency Kit ~ The Perfect Last-Minute Homemade Gift

Everyone’s been there–you’re in the middle of school or work and your bra strap fails.  You’re boogying in a sleek little black number when, to your horror, you see deodorant stains nearly crying out for attention.  A botton on your blouse loosens then falls to the floor.  You catch a glimpse at yourself in the mirror and find your face has transformed into an oil slick.  Chances are, your friend has been there too!


The solution?  A Beauty Emergency Kit, created by you!  This idea has been mainstreamed recently.  Products like this Hollywood Fashion Secrets collection and Minimergency kit are great in concept, but hefty in price.  Make your own emergency kit for a fraction of the cost of a prefab one, and you’ll save not only money, but your friend some embarrassment down the line.  (Best of all?  It’s more cost-effective to make multiple kits, allowing you to give several friends the gift of preparedness.)

To get started, you’ll need a cute cosmetics bag to store all the goodies you plan to include.  You can find great ones for $1-2 at stores like Target and CVS.  Plan which items you’d like to include before purchasing the bag to ensure everything will fit.  (In fact, it may be better to buy the bag last.)

Here are some items that you may consider putting inside.  This list is extensive (and you’ll be hard-pressed to cram everything below into something portable), but you should get some great ideas of what to include.  (Many, if not all, of these items can be found in your local grocery, dollar, or drug store.)


– Oil-absorbing sheets

– Bobby pins

– Hair tie

– lip balm/gloss

– Q-tips

– Nail file

– Concealer

– Gel or Hairspray

– Small mirror

– Travel hairbrush (with small mirror if possible)


– Safety pins

– Stain removing wipes

– Mini sewing kit

– Earring backs

– Clear nail polish (for stocking runs)

– Blister patch


– Mini body splash or perfume (samples or small rollerballs are great for this)

– Lysterine strips, gum, or mints

– Intimate wipes (for her ahem-area)

– Single-use deodorant wipe (or an extra ahem-wipe)

– Hand sanitizer

– Tampon and/or pad

– Dental floss or floss picks

– Wisps mini tooth cleaner

– Travel tissue pack

First Aid

– Bandaids

– Single wipe of alcohol to disinfect minor wounds

– Single packet of antibiotic ointment (or pretreated bandaids)

– Pain Relievers

– Aspirin! (in case, heaven forbid, she or someone nearby has a heart attack)

Mini first aid card


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