Five More Cheap & Easy Homemade Beauty Gifts

Besides being heart-felt and unique gifts, homemade beauty products allow for easy customization to suite your friend’s/family member’s particular needs and preferences.  I love the products listed below, both for their frugality and simplicity.

1. Facial Scrub/Mask: This simple, yet effective, recipe will give your friend glowing skin.  As the author notes, you can add in various ingredients to give your skin’s friend the extra punch it needs to be its best.  If you have a do-it-herself type of friend, you may consider giving her the ingredients separately (in inexpensive but decorative jars/bottles/containers) along with a hand-written recipe card so that she can enjoy making the mask herself.


2. Hand Care Set:  ‘Tis the season for dry, cracked hands.  Your friend will appreciate this brown sugar hand softener recipe paired with a moisturizing hand cream.  You can power the hand cream up by adding an essential oil for a delicate scent and jojoba oil for additional moisture.  Inexpensive jars with hand-printed labels round out a wonderful pair!


3. Scented Body Dusting Powder:  A unique (and cheap!) gift is scented body powder.  Use cornstarch and baking soda (in place of other, more expensive ingredients in this recipe) and herbal tea (which you have ground finely) to save even more.  If your friend enjoys sparkle, cosmetic glitter is a great finishing touch.


4. Lightly-Scented Body Spray: To continue our idea of sweet-smelling Christmas concoctions, consider making this super-easy recipe to keep your friend pleasantly fragranced throughout the new year.  If you know her favorite scent, you can use the same essential oil in the previous two posts as well.


5. Kool-Aid Lip Balm:  Give your friend the perfect pucker with this simple and cheap homemade lip balm recipe.  You can house this balm in a small jar or tube, but another cute alternative is to find funky contact lens holders and give two servings of different-colored balms.


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