Cheap & Easy Homemade Beauty Gifts

With Christmas around the corner, and wallets growing slimmer by the second, you may be running out of time and money.  The gifts highlighted below are quick, easy, and, most of all, frugal!

1. Sugar Scrub: Give the gift of soft skin without breaking the bank.  This recipe is cheap, easy-to-make, and has endless possibilities for customization.  Find a cute jar to put the scrub in, add an essential oil or two, put a ribbon on top, and the recipient will enjoy glowing skin.


2. Coconut Milk Shampoo: Home-brewed shampoo has been all the rage recently, and if your friend enjoys high-end shampoos, try your hand at making one for her.  HIt a thrift shop or antique store to find a vintage glass bottle to house your concoction.


3. Heat Therapy Pillow: There’s something soothing about having a warm, sweet-smelling pillow draped around your neck and shoulders.  Give you friend the gift of relaxation this holiday season by creating a heat therapy pillow.  If you’re not big into sewing (like me), buy a small tube pillow, take out the stuffing, and fill it with your herbal mixture.


4. Herbal Tea Bath: Let your friend soak her worries away in a luxuriant herbal tea bath.  Simply find an organza bag, and fill it with the ingredients mentioned in this post (to make finding herbs cheap and easy, head town the tea aisle in your local grocery store and pick out your friend’s favorite tea).  To spice things up a bit more (no pun intended!), give your bud a trio of different teas to enjoy in her bath. 


5. Super Smoothie Recipe Cards: When you’re healthy on the inside, it shows on the outside.  Write out a few of your favorite super-healthy smoothie recipes on nice notecards to share with your bestie.  Try them out yourself before passing them off so you’ll know if a recipe works (or not).  Spinach is quickly becoming my new best friend!


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