How To “Press” Loose Eyeshadow Pigments

How To “Press” Your Loose Eyeshadow Pigments Conveniently and Cheaply!


Has this ever happened to you? You’re getting ready to go out and decide to use a loose eyeshadow pigment and then when you open it everything spills out! I am going to show you how to solve this problem by also saving you money and stop wasting product!



What you will need:

                1. Empty eyeshadow pans (any shape you like)

                2. Loose eyeshadow pigment

                3. Rubbing alcohol

                4. Glycerin

                5. Needle or small tool for mixing

                6. Paper towels

                7. Heavy book

                8. Time/Patience 🙂

You cannot press GLITTER or fully MATTE colors because they won’t bind together.

If you have NYX Loose Pearl Mania pigments then you will need the glycerin AND rubbing alcohol. If you are using regular eyeshadow pigments you will only need rubbing alcohol.


First you need to squirt a little bit of rubbing alcohol into your eyeshadow pan, then start filling it with your loose pigment.


Start to mix the pigment and rubbing alcohol together with your small tool, adding more pigment and more alcohol until it gets wet.


When you feel the pan is full enough add 3-4 drops of glycerin to the mixture. Mix well until it all seems to be consistent. (The glycerin is needed for NYX loose eyeshadow pigments! You can skip this step if you are pressing a different pigment!)


Lift the pan and tap it against your countertop to assure there are no air bubbles remaining in the pan. (It also helps make sure the pigment stays compact in the pan).


Let your pigment try 4-5 hours before you press them! I suggest pressing them when the eyeshadow in the pan is moist and no longer extremely shiny.

Now you will want to “press” your eyeshadow ensuring the loose pigment stays in the pan and not flake out!



Find something small that will push the eyeshadow down into the pan. I’m using Styrofoam pieces.

Place a paper towel onto the eyeshadow pan, then put your pressing object on top of the paper towel. Now place your heavy object over all of that making sure it stays put. Wait over-night or 7-8 hours to look at your eyeshadow.



Doing this does not change the color of your eyeshadow. It ensures portability and saves you money by not spilling anymore loose eyeshadows! Also, the rubbing alcohol evaporates completely and will NOT hurt your eyes!

Pop these bad boys into your “CD Palette”! 🙂 Enjoy!

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