How To Fix Your Broken Eyeshadows!

How to fix broken eyeshadows or blushes easily!

Have you ever dropped an eyeshadow and watched it crumble onto the floor? Well you’re not the only one. Not only have I dropped more than a few eyeshadows, I used to throw them away thinking they were ruined forever. Not anymore! I can show you how to FIX your crumbled eyeshadow or blush! It won’t look perfect but this will save you money and time from having to go to the store to re-buy your broken makeup!

What you’ll need:

Rubbing Alcohol (The higher the alcohol content the better this will work, this helps bind the makeup together WITHOUT “sealing” your makeup. Pouring just water on your eyeshadow will ruin it forever and you will have to scrape at your eyeshadow to get anything out each time. Big pain.)

Small metal tool like a needle or small spatula (Helps mix the eyeshadow when it’s liquidy)

Paper Towels/Tissues/Small towel (To press down the eyeshadow and soak up some of the alcohol)

Coin or a small flat metal/plastic object (You can also just use your finger if you want, this also helps push down the eyeshadow to keep it in place)


Okay so your eyeshadow is broken and you’re very sad. If you can manage to get all or most of it back into the metal pan then you already did the hardest part. It’s crucial to get most or all of the pigment back inside the pan or this technique will be difficult because you might end up bending the metal pan.

First, you want to pour the rubbing alcohol into the broken eyeshadow and mix it up with a small tool until it looks mildly soup-like and wet. (Don’t pour too much in, just enough to make it easy to mix)


When it’s all mixed up (making sure the pigment is inside the pan) put your paper towel onto the mixture and press down gently at first. After a few seconds place the coin or metal piece on top of the paper towel and press down HARD. The reason you want a coin or flat metal/plastic piece is because it helps the eyeshadow to mold back into the pan and keep it all in place.

(See my finger? I’m pressing down hard!)

Leave the eyeshadow alone and let it dry for a good hour.

After an hour pull off the towel and see how it looks.

(Blue Flame- MAC)

If it looks uneven or messy then you can re-try the steps. It won’t look 100% but the eyeshadow stays put and works!

Use this technique on blushes too!

(Pour in alcohol, mix it up a bit)

(Press down, let it dry for an hour)

(Like I said, not perfect but the color still works really well)


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