How To “Depot” Your Eyeshadows

Depot Your Favorite Eyeshadows!

(My Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay Palette,do you notice anything?) 🙂

I have traveled quite a bit while bringing my makeup along with me. It’s so frustrating trying to fit bulky makeup products like Urban Decay Palettes in my suitcase along with everything else. I have decided to “depot” my eyeshadow to save space. What is depotting? Removing your eyeshadow or any type of pigment from a makeup palette or case and storing it somewhere more convenient! It’s very easy to do!


I’m going to demonstrate how to depot your palette with my Urban Decay Book of Shadows Palette. It’s such a pretty palette but it takes up so much space with its packaging!


First what you will need to do is grab any kind of sharp tool to help remove the eyeshadow. You can use tweezers, or a knife. I am using an X-acto knife. (If you’re using something THAT sharp please please be careful!)


Position your tool so it fits between the cardboard (or plastic if you have a different palette) and the metal makeup pan.


Push the tool in gently and start to push up under the metal pan.


Keep pushing up and wiggling the tool so the pan starts to come up.

Sometimes you will hear a “snap” signaling that the pan is up from the glue. Take your time with this because if you don’t then you will end up with cracked eyeshadow everywhere which is a pain to fix.



You’re done! Put your loose eyeshadows in your own makeup palette! 🙂



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