Cheap Easy DIY Makeup Palette

I’ve noticed that my makeup (especially my eyeshadow) take up A LOT of space. Single eye shadows and Urban Decay Palettes can be a hassle to travel with or store. I’ll show you a way to solve this problem (or at least make things more tidy). You can use just about any kind of case like DVD, CD, or maybe even a little box for this project (The options are endless just as long as you have super glue!). I used a CD case because I wanted to see how it looked and I must say it looks pretty awesome! This is a fun project to do on a rainy day if you’re trying to organize your makeup. Cheap, easy, and takes up less space!

Take out the CD papers and plastic CD holder (if there are any).

What we’re going to do is melt the plastic parts that hold the CD paper in place. You need a lighter and some sort of metal piece to mold the plastic when it’s melting. (Always be careful around an open flame and HOT plastic.) You don’t have to do this part, but I find that the plastic part was scratching my eyeshadow when I closed the case.

Use the lighter and lightly run the flame back and forth aiming at the plastic nob. When it’s melting slightly, take your metal piece and push up to flatten the nob. Take your time and don’t press too hard or you will ruin the case and it won’t close right!


You want the plastic to be flat. You can close the case and see if it hits

Arrange your eyeshadow how you want it to look BEFORE you use your super glue.


You’re DONE! So easy and cheap!


This post was not to copy anyones ideas and make them my own. I understand this technique was not created by myself. Below are some Youtube Videos to give you more ideas!


(CD case)

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