Babydoll Sucker Punch Makeup Tutorial

Babydoll Sucker Punch Makeup Look

Sucker Punch was an amazing movie visually and artistically! The makeup will look different on screen obviously because of all the effects they use, but I thought this was a great look to recreate using some low and a higher end brand. I didn’t use false eyelashes for this look because I wanted to try to make this cheaper.

Apply foundation and powder. (For those who worry about eyeshadow falling down put your foundation on after your eye makeup. I am choosing to do it before my eyeshadow.)

Items Used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Nyx Loose Eyeshadow White

Nyx Loose Eyeshadow Grey (It looks green in the pictures unfortunately)

Nyx Loose Eyeshadow Black Pearl

Nyx Loose Eyeshadow Mocha

Tokidoki Palette Bulletto

Wet N’ Wild White Kohl Liner

Sonia Kashuk brushes

Maybelline Brush

Sephora Black Liquid Eyeliner

Mary Kay Eye Lash Curler

Sephora Advanced Lash Booster

Maybelline Lash Stiletto


Apply eye primer to your eyelid and all the way up to your brow bone.


Apply white eyeshadow all over the lid, don’t go past the crease.


Apply a brown (I used Mocha by Nyx) to your crease, try to make a “furrowed” look with your eyebrows to help you draw the dramatic “worried” shape. Babydoll has this constant “innocent worry” to her eye makeup.

Apply a darker brown (I used Bulletto by Tokidoki) to give more depth to the crease.

 Blend your crease lightly with your brush so the line doesn’t look too sharp.



Put a white or lighter shade to your brow bone to make it “pop”/ “highlight” and draw light to your eyes.

For the tricky part you will need to line your upper lashline and wing it out to make a cat-eye effect. I wet the Nyx Black Pearl color to draw my line before I used the liquid liner. I find it gives me a good guide for my liquid liner. (Or you could just stop there and not even apply a liquid eyeliner — Works just as well!)


Apply grey to your lower lashline to darken the look.


Line your waterline with a white kohl liner.


Apply liquid liner (if you decided to do so) to your upper lash line.


Curl and coat your lashes!



You’re done! 🙂

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