Money-Saving Tools: How to Save on Bath Soap

We’re huge fans of any beauty tool that can save time or help better achieve a desired effect.  Yet, beauty tools can be expensive, so when we come across one that actually saves money, we’ll highlight it in this blog.

Not only is using a loofah or bath mesh fun and easy, each is super cheap and can save you money by using less bath products.

Loofahs exfoliate your skin by removing dead cells that lay on top of the skin causing itchyness, dullness, and dryness. Loofahs can also help promote blood circulation by washing in gentle circular motions from your neck to your toes. Wash cloths (unless they are more abrasive) exfoliate as well and often require more effort to work the soap into a lather which can irritate your skin. Wash cloths are harder to use in the shower and usually end up requiring more product to get enough lather.  Loofahs range in cost from $1 to $2 and up, but when compared to washcloths or hand-washing, they can save you up to 15% on body wash or soap per year.

Bath Meshes usually aren’t the best at exfoliating your skin but they offer the best way to save on your favorite soap by making it last longer.  All you need is a quarter sized drop of soap or less (unless you use a bar).  Ruffle up your mesh to distribute the soap evenly and scrub your body in small circular motions; for soap, just twirl the bar in your mesh twice and sud up.  Bath meshes are SUPER cheap and are easy to wash (just pop ’em in the washer/dryer!).  A quality mesh can last up years with proper care.  The average person uses 4-5 bottles of shower gel/soap a year — adding up fast.  This can save you 25% or more on body wash or soap and let you indulge in your favorite shower splurges a little more often.

My pick between the two is a bath mesh.  The initial investment can be as little as $1.00, though I decided to buy a higher-quality bath mesh for around $3 that has lasted me for 3 years.  Yes, 3 years!  While this may seem disgusting, I make sure to keep it clean by air-drying after every use and by machine washing it every so often.  I’ve found that spending a bit more upfront on a quality product has really paid off in this case.

To maximize your savings, experiment with how much soap you really need.  Prior to my conversion to frugality, I would thoughtlessly dump soap onto the mesh without paying attention to the quantity I was using.  I experimented with various amounts and realized that a nickel-size amount works well for me.  This is less than half of what I was used to use.  In other words, I was dumping at least 3 bottles of body wash down the drain every year.  While I don’t use expensive body wash, the savings from this revelation alone have been significant.

So, bottom line, pick the right tool for your bathing needs and be cognizant of how much product you need (versus how much you typically use).

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